12 Week Maximus Physique Body


Transformation Program


This program is strategically designed to Transform Your Body Into A Maximus Physique! This program includes one on one personal training three times a week for twelve weeks, three months of Maximus Physique's customized nutrition plan, and twelve weeks of Maximus Physique's online personal training. The one on one personal training sessions are 60 minutes and includes a hands on assisted stretching period for cool down and improved flexibility. All online personal training programs are sent in a PDF format via e-mail within 24 hours of program purchase. Maximus Physique's customized nutrition plan consists of meal plans based on each clients body type, lifestyle, goals, and food preference. A suggested grocery list and recommended calorie intake and portion control are also included. Maximus Physique's online personal training program includes complete workout routines and videos to demonstrate how to safely and correctly do each exercise for optimum results. This program comes with a loyalty card which will give each client three free additional one on one personal training sessions. The price for the 12 Week Maximus Physique Body Transformation Program is $2,160.00, which can be divided into three monthly installments of $720.00. 

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